A Digital Coin, Backed By Physical Land

Diamond Coin is a digital currency backed by physical land. Every time you purchase a Diamondland Coin, there's a specific amount of land stored on our side for that particular coin.

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DLC is available all for users all over the world with its high-end blockchain network backed with Diamonds and Land.


Instead of following the market, our coins are allocated individually and work for the good of the network instead of a few groups of large stake holders.


If you hold DLC, you can redeem them anywhere around the globe for exclusive rewards and seamless purchases.


Diamond Land Coin provides you with excellent customer support for any of your concerns or problems. Feel free to get in touch with our support team.


What is DiamondLand Coin?

Diamond Coin is a digital currency backed by physical diamonds and land worth the price of every individual coin.

How Diamond Land Coin can be used?

You can use DLC just like any other cryptocurrency in the world. Use it for purchases and transfers over the blockchain network.

How to earn with Diamond Land Coin?

DLC can be traded on all leading exchanges as a crypto asset and you can thus earn from the fluctuation in its price over time.